Teach your Puppy/Dog to Come to a Whistle

Yes, you can even teach an old dog a new trick!

If your dog wanders off you must be able to call him/her back with a whistle. The reason is that you will soon lose your voice screaming for your pet.

This can be done as soon as the puppy begins to eat solid food and for any dog still eating food.

Begin by standing above the dog dish ready to pour the dog food. Simply blow the whistle just before pouring the food in the dish. After a couple days blow the whistle before getting the dog food from it’s drawer while the dog can see you. After a couple days start blowing the whistle when the dog is just out of view (next room, down stairs, back porch, etc.) Gradually lengthen the time you stand above the bowl with the food.

Eventually, your dog will come running full speed to the whistle while anywhere within hearing distance. Only do this at feeding time because when the dog’s stomach is full he/she will lose interest.

I prefer a whistle that will emit both a long steady tone and the customary basketball referee whistle tone.

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