Puppy House Training

Ideally, your breeder was able to provide a dog house with the door leading to a small fenced in area for the mother and her pups. House breaking essentially takes care of itself if you provide the same setup. You can also put a kennel inside your garage with the door/weather flap leading through the wall to an outside fenced area. Take care the kennel is only big enough for your dog to turn around in. (otherwise it may relieve itself in a corner, etc.) Food and water bowls should be outside the kennel. This should work during spring, summer, or fall months.

Winter house breaking can be more complicated due to bad weather. You may have to purchase a plastic children’s swim pool with high sides so the puppy relieves itself on paper, dirt or whatever works for you. Hopefully, when it gets bigger it will jump back in the pool to do it’s business.

The best plan, of course is to have someone home to let it outside or a means for it to get to an outside fenced area itself.

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