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Guests at Wedding Receptions, Family Reunions, etc. are often more comfortable in a private setting.  We accept reservations for our entire facility and staff for special events.  Contact us to help customize a package of food and beverage at a private setting for you.  Special Event Reservations should be made at least 30 days in advance.

We also offer a limited number of RV spaces.  We find that some travelers occasionally appreciate a chance to camp close to town and take advantage of services offered there.

We have facilities and a limited number of RV spaces at both Laurel and Roberts, Montana. Laurel is 10 miles west of Billings. Roberts is 30 miles Southwest of Laurel and 13 miles north of Red Lodge.  The region is rich with Fly Fishing and Bird Hunting opportunities.

We plan to use the Gundog / Fly Fishing blog page to discuss dog training and the role it plays while traveling with your dog or puppy. As a general rule, dogs are not allowed at our RV spaces. However, exceptions have and will be made for highly trained dogs that do not have aggressive breed bloodlines. Exceptions have been made mostly for Retriever/Pointer breeds in the past.(Some have been made for miniature/toy breeds)  Our blog will be used to highlight factors that enter into this decision.  Last but not least, Fly Fishing opportunities are abundant in the thousands of acres of federal and state land located 30 minutes from Roberts.

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